Providing Vital Quality Control to the Emerging Biodiversity Claims Market

The Biodiversity Futures Initiative provides a high quality independent academic review system using a large team of international experts from multiple universities around the world to quantify the biodiversity gain achieved from various projects. The Wallacea Trust biodiversity credit methodology is used as the standard against which the biodiversity gain of projects can be identified for projects submitted by the private sector, NGOs and government bodies.

For many clients just providing independent academic review of the scale of the biodiversity gain may be all that is needed in order to evaluate the benefits per unit of investment or to include in ESG reports (e.g. project A has achieved a 20% increase in biodiversity covering 1000 hectares, over the last 3 years).  For others though there may be a desire to monetize this gain by issuance of those units of biodiversity gain as biodiversity credits and this can be done through various block chain and more traditional registries.  In these situations, the Biodiversity Futures Initiative would recommend that only 80% of the credits were issued after each verification event. The remaining 20% buffer of credits would be retained as a bank of credits for use to underwrite issued biodiversity credits in the case of force majeure issues affecting the project.

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